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Why Write Theatre Reviews?

Annette J Beveridgeby Annette J Beveridge

I love the theatre. When I lived in France and in Spain, I really missed trips to the theatre as part of my social calendar.  Something magical happens when you watch a good play, you lose yourself in the storyline as it unfolds and become a part of that event. If lucky, you are captivated throughout.  Writing theatre reviews seems right at this point in my career. I get to go to the theatre more often now am living back in the UK and I get to write about it too. It’s a fair trade.

I am sure all theatre lovers will agree, there is an air of anticipation and expectation when you go to your seat and wait for the curtain to lift. When I see the stage set for the first time, I start to consider how that space might be used. It sets the creative juices flowing. Some plays draw you in immediately, others take a while to do so, but for me, good characterisation is all-important.  You have to care about the characters. Every action and word is vitally important. When they rise to the challenge, you forget that they are actors. They bring those scenes to life. I have deep admiration for all who act. There are different levels of skills and experiences but nothing is as exciting as when an actor draws on emotions deep within.  

My daughter Kyra Jessica Willis manages Monsteers Artistry – a talent agency that has become more like a creative family for the actors she has signed. It is a fascinating world. She also acts and sings and for me, it is a joy to see her artistic talent evolving.  It is also one that I encourage.  So now, I have even more of an invested interest in going to the theatre. Whether it is to watch her in action, or to share the simple joy of another production with her, it has opened up a new facet of our relationship. The theatre has become a common creative bond that unites us.

So, going forward, I will indulge in my passion for the theatre and write theatre reviews so to share my thoughts. Hopefully, the reviews will promote those performances that entertain and excite. While not all of the theatre reviews will be ultra-positive, I hope to at least offer genuine and productive feedback where it is needed. Actors, writers and producers put their creative hearts on the line and I feel it is important to acknowledge what they have achieved.

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