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Nature And Us – Let’s Make A Stand

Building awareness

by Annette J Beveridge

I wonder how many people truly care about the environmental issues that are happening right now? How many people understand that trees are the lungs of the world and the amount of woodlands being destroyed could increase flooding risks and reduce air quality considerably. If you suffer from respiratory problems, you will be affected more than others. A loss of habitat can affect mental health and well-being. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, a loss of these precious places will impact your health. We all love to spend time in nature and yet, we abuse the natural world. How can this be right?


Take a stand for nature

If you love nature, be it insects, animals or birds, know that they are being threatened by destruction to habitat right now that is beyond comprehension. There are wildlife atrocities everywhere….all happening in the name of so-called progress. It isn’t progress. It is backward thinking. Small mindedness on a scale impossible to fathom. Birds of prey are being poisoned, insects are dying due to pesticide use, birds are poisoned through eating these insects, a loss of habitat wipes out species already on the brink and so it goes on. It is time to comprehend what is going on and to be a protector for nature.


Nature and our fragile land

While we were all on lock down, trees were felled containing nesting birds and roosting bats. Seems impossible doesn’t it? Not even the coldest of hearts would do that surely?

Let’s talk about HS2. If you are not aware, this high-speed train service was given the green light by the UK government and this meant that over 108 ancient woodlands would be decimated. Whether you support the idea of a high-speed railway service or not, we have to understand that as humans we make decisions that affect our fragile ecosystems. We are a supposedly intelligent species on this planet and yet, we make decisions that push nature to the brink of extinction.

I think about HS2 with a heavy heart. Some of the species of bats roosting in those woodlands were protected and yet, these trees were destroyed without the necessary licences. if you think that this wouldn’t be allowed to happen, it is. There is precious life that will have nowhere to go. Lush vibrant woodlands have become barren and lifeless. A beautiful nature reserve – Calvert Jubilees Nature Reserve where nightingales sing is next.

Every single day our nature is under threat. This isn’t just about HS2. Look around. Precious land is being destroyed right now so that we can build, build, build. We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand. This doesn’t just affect nature. It affects each and everyone of us.

There is another battle to fight

Don’t take my word for it. Do a little research. Yes, we are fighting a battle with this awful virus that has impacted life globally. This is terrifying but there are other battles to fight. We cannot afford to take our fingers off the pulse of the natural world. We can all do something to make the environment better for nature and ultimately, for us. You may not want to get out there and protest, and you don’t have to. You can share this article. You can learn more about nature on your doorstep and beyond. You can make your garden a wildlife haven. Even if you have limited space, you can do something for nature. Plant native trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Even a pot of wildflowers will still benefit nature. Stop using pesticides and don’t buy peat compost. Encourage nature into your garden by feeding the birds. Make these changes and you are doing something positive.

You have a voice

Teach your children the importance of nature and lead by example. If you don’t stand up and be counted, another woodland will be gone. When does it stop? How do you see the future and what do you want to leave for your children? These are vital questions that affect you personally. Are you comfortable with the way we disregard the natural world? Think about it and take action. Talk to other people who feel the same as you. Do what you can to benefit nature. If we don’t, we will lose so much beautiful woodland. We will lose scrub land and meadows. The UK will be concreted over. How will we manage without insects to pollinate our crops? What will life be like without bird song? How bad will air pollution get before we realise we cannot breathe? Awareness is everything. You have a voice. Use it.

Join the fight with HS2 Rebellion. Find out more about climate change with Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. Save our Woodlands and bird life with the RSPB. These are just some of the amazing wildlife charities fighting to save our natural world right here in the UK. Please support them and spread this blog post. Remember – awareness is everything – thank you. Annette J Beveridge.

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