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Freelance Writing Gigs – Expand Your Horizons

By Annette J Beveridge (Young)

The freelance writing industry is always evolving. When I first started writing professionally, around  17-years ago, the advice was to find your niche. This made sense and so, I contemplated what I really wanted to write about. After careful consideration, I decided that natural health and well-being was an area that mattered to me. This was by no means the most lucrative area of writing but there was plenty of work in this niche and with so many freelance writing gigs available, it meant I could write about the things I cared about.

Sometimes, niche areas just crop up. For me, eLearning and training and development roles found their way to me. As I had worked as a writer/trainer for a corporate company, I found that other businesses and companies wanted professional courses too. Over time, this became a constant stream of work – many courses were within the health niche. So, I was able to tap into my experiences so to  write engaging course material. As I started applying for freelance writing gigs, my background in training and development worked for me.

Freelance writing work

For anyone looking to develop their freelance writing expertise, it is important to develop integrity along with expertise while expanding horizons. If you can write about the aspects of life that appeal to you, then it will seem less like work. The words will flow more easily.

Writing about what you know is a good place to start. When I was training people, I could see that they were stressed, it was a combination of things, stressed at rising work levels, stressed at having to take time out for learning and for some, financial stressors played a role. Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed at times? This meant almost unlimited work potential as a writer. Clients from all backgrounds wanted articles, books and courses on stress management. It is a subject that keeps on giving.  I started to watch out for any freelance writing gigs relating to stress from that point on.

I meditate to offset stress and  it became apparent that meditation was another hot niche area. I wrote a few meditation scripts at first and then, found myself in great demand for them.   In fact,  this has been a considerable part of my weekly work….. even today.  Because I listen to meditation scripts myself, I know what clients are looking for. I deliver what the listeners need. So, use your strengths to expand your writing horizons.

Freelance writing gigs and upcoming trends

There is another element to consider when writing professionally and this is to spot upcoming trends. CBD oil is a classic example of this. When CBD oil was first reported, it was easy to see how this could easily become a niche market. Sure enough, there was great demand for CBD article writers.  At this time, I was so busy writing meditation scripts, meditation programs and professional courses for clients that I couldn’t take on any extra work. It was a trend that passed me by.

I love writing in my chosen niches but I have seen how trends can rise and fall quite quickly. It makes sense to go with the flow, to develop your writing skills consistently and to find new niche areas which you enjoy writing about.  This way, you have a steady stream of work. My latest niche areas are that of environmental issues, wildlife and gardening but that’s not to say I won’t go with the flow and take on other work.

I have been lucky in that I have written about so many subjects in the last 17-years. From classic cars, to identity theft, to health conditions, to drawing and painting. I even write about marriage and relationships. One of the joys of freelance writing is that it is possible to vary the work you do on a daily basis. I usually have a lot of work booked in, however, I will take on small projects that give me variety in between larger projects. These quick-to-resolve projects enable the chance to extend my current knowledge and to indulge in a little research. This keeps the brain cells ticking over and, I like new client interaction.  If you spot a job that has appeal, go for it. Successful freelance writing is as much about being intuitive and open to new opportunities as it is about planning and preparation.

If you are looking for freelance writing gigs that appeal, you are likely to write a more in-depth and engaging cover letter. You will feel enthusiastic about the role and the client is likely to feel this enthusiasm through your words. This means, you’ll probably get that gig and your career will expand as a result. It also makes sense to write about what you know as it reduces the time spent on research and enables you to write as an expert.

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