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Hiring Professional Freelance Writers

by Annette J Beveridge

Freelance writing is a fantastic and versatile career and it keeps evolving.  When I started out, I had no idea that I would be writing about such a wide range of topics. I learned to write in different styles so to match articles, blog posts or website copy. It is a career that demands high standards and I have been fortunate to write professionally for 17-years now.  In this time, I have seen the whole freelancing ethos change, it has developed and the good freelance writers have survived and thrived in what is a highly competitive arena. This ability to stand the test of time, to be able to organise and multi-task is a skill.  To make a living from freelance writing,  means being efficient and professional so to produce just what the client is looking for. Writers have to be instinctive, enthusiastic and passionate about the written word.

What do you need?

If you are setting up an online business, a good writer can help you with the creation of fresh and relevant content. We can provide you with exceptional website copy and SEO your website making it more visible in search engines such as Google. We can create books, reports and newsletters so to grow your business and create offline products too.

So often potential clients approach me because they are struggling to maintain their website and have run out of ideas.  They are struggling to continue to write compelling blog posts. They may not know how to captivate site visitors or how to convert those visits into sales. Good freelance writers will go the extra mile and help clients to succeed in their business.

I have run writing companies where I outsourced work. These days, if hired, you are guaranteed to have my expertise.

Just starting out?

Whether already in business or just starting out, it is important to find a writer that fits your needs. You must be able to develop a good business relationship with them and be able to rely on them completely. Once you have this, you will develop peace of mind with your business knowing that your business is in safe hands. If you want a writer you can trust, look no further. I am happy to discuss potential projects and to point you in the right direction if it is not possible to take your project on.

Ready to discuss a project? You can find out more about me here or email me:


Annette J Beveridge (Young) is an experienced freelance writer with a wide range of published writing credits to her name worldwide. Annette specialises in health topics mainly but has written articles, blog posts and courses in a wide array of topics. She is the author of 16-books in her own name and editor of Creative1 Publishing. She is also the editor of Yoga Wise Today

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